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MAHA SHAKTI International Mixed Camp

3rd edition
July 13-16, 2023


Camp theme:

The ardent invocation of the Eternal Feminine Maha Shakti to reveal Herself to us in the hypostasis of manifester of Pure Godly Eros.

The camp is for both women and men from this spiritual school of yoga who aspire to deepen their communion with Maha Shakti.

✍️ Registration:

Starting July 1st 2023 the fee will be increased by 30 lei and 10 Eur respectively.


  1. A clear, electronic, front-facing photograph taken after February 1st, 2023, in a two pieces swimsuit, in which the body is shown fully, standing straight and in which the date the photo was taken is clearly visible;
    It is also necessary to mention: your name and surname (both the one on your ID card and the baptismal one if you have it), course group, city, instructor, date of birth, if you have a harmonization tapas in progress and with how many fasting days, email address and phone number

  2. Participation fee:

For male and female students in Romania:

For male and female students abroad:

Payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer or by card. Details will be provided after registration.

!!! People who register for the camp will have access to the online camp materials for an additional 30 days following the camp, starting from a date to be announced.

From the camp’s program:

💎 From Ethos to Eros: ways to awaken and amplify the sublime state of creativity – Doru Bodea

💎 The overwhelming role of the sacred circle of initiated women in accelerating the spiritual evolution of the polar loving couple embracing the path of tantric amorous ecstasy – Aghora Vidya

💎 The integrative and transformative power of Pure Godly Eros - from ancient tantric texts to the first rays of the erotic revolution of our times – Uriel Yariv

💎 Poetic romanticism versus spiritual heroism on the path of Pure Godly Eros, through the grace of the Eternal Feminine Maha Shakti – Ioan Pohariu

💎 Small and big secrets of the state of erotic amorous emulation of a united and loving spiritual couple - Aida Călin

💎 Practical ways of esoteric tantric massage that allow the refinement and elevation of the amorous interaction by making the transition from the sexual energy to the energy of Pure Godly Eros – Crina Atomulesă

💎 The stages of the amorous fusion from the perspective of the integration of Pure Godly Eros – Adrian Cotora și Luminița Prisacariu

💎 The intoxicating erotic refinement that awakens and fully energizes the energies of the being and leads to the revelation of Maha Shakti. Ways and attitudes that awaken and favor the emergence of the state of erotic refinement in our being through the amplification of the energy of Pure Godly Eros – Diana Vultur

💎 _The awakening of Pure Godly Eros in the being of a man through the manifestation of Maha Shakti in a manner full of ineffable mystery, grace and sublime, in and through his beloveds _ – Dan Nicolescu

💎 The mysterious, astonishing effects of woman’s transfiguration into Maha Shakti, which are felt in the erotic intimacy of a united and loving couple – Luminița Marin

💎 The blossoming love story of a perpetual erotic adventure with God – Laetitia Bălan

💎 Daily Ritual of communion with Maha Shakti;

💎 Lectures of the Spiritual Guide;

💎 Ritual of communion with Maha Shakti in the hypostasis of manifester of Pure Godly Eros

💎 Techniques for entering into resonance with the sphere of force of the Supreme Godly Mother Maha Shakti;

💎 Special exemplifications sustained by our Spiritual Guide.

Further info at:
Phone: +40737620999,
Email: tabaramahashakti@gmail.com

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